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    Can someone please suggest me a method to pull all the missed calls that I get on a phone number into the CandidATS Database. You can have a look here :- [once you login after creating an account] . As soon as I get a missed call here, How do I make him a Candidate in CandidATS with only the ‘cell phone number’ attribute filled because I can fill in the rest of values(First name, Last Name etc) by contacting him/her. Any ideas or suggestions ?

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    get the missed call from the in two ways.
    a) use API from
    b) use CURL to fetch the data from the website

    creating a candidate with only phone field
    first name and second name can be filled with the phone number or any other smsgupshup’s ID. Later you can change it after getting the real candidate name

    with regards,
    R. Tamil Amuthan
    Auieo Software Private Limited

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    Thanks a lot ! 🙂

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    You are welcome

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