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    I have been trying very hard to import profiles in Candidate module (by automation). Here’s the deal : I am client to GupShup Inc where I get data about people(their contact number,time and date,location, telecom operator) who give me a Miss Call on a number given in Advertisements. Now All I want to do is import that data from GupShup account to my CandidATS under Candidates module.

    I created a php page under modules/candidates and here is the code that GupShup provided me with :


    $url = $_SERVER[‘QUERY_STRING’];
    $msisdn = $_GET[‘msisdn’];
    $extension = $_GET[‘extension’];
    $causeId = $_GET[’causeId’];
    $hasUserHungUp = $_GET[‘hasUserHungUp’];
    $dateTime = $_GET[‘time’];

    $HOST = “”;
    $USER = “test”;
    $PASS = “test”;
    $DB = “TechSupp”;

    $TechSupp = mysql_connect($HOST, $USER, $PASS) or die(“Could not connect to server … \n” . mysql_error());

    $selected = mysql_select_db($DB, $TechSupp);
    if (!$selected) {
    throw new Exception(“Something went wrong !!!”);

    echo “insert into missedCallResponses(msisdn,extension,causeId,hasUserHungUp,time) values(‘$msisdn’,’$extension’,’$causeId’,’$hasUserHungUp’,’$dateTime’)”;

    $searchQuery = “insert into missedCallResponses(msisdn,extension,causeId,hasUserHungUp,dateTime) values(‘$msisdn’,’$extension’,’$causeId’,’$hasUserHungUp’,’$dateTime’)”;

    $result = mysql_query($searchQuery, $TechSupp);


    And I also filled in the perfect attributes in that code but looks like it isn’t working even now. Any idea what should I proceed with now ? (And also using cURL is not an option and neither is Web Scrapping)

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    Also the table name to which Candidate Module will store data in MyPHP Admin is ‘Candidate’, I have confirmed this on my server that runs on a Linux OS Platform

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    !) Create a page in CandidATS for inserting record – this you already completed
    2) Create a external page with CURL to access the page
    3) Setup CRON for that external page

    with regards,
    R. Tamil Amuthan
    Auieo Software Private Limited

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