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      I am baffle and fighting this for week.
      I have installed on LXLE distro and setup postfix and success send to external email via linux.
      In the CATS
      – Settings->administration->General E-Mail Configuration->Send Test E-Mail with success
      – Candidates->send email with success
      – Job Order->Candidate Pipeline->Email-> send success
      —> But when send email with Job Order->change status no email send even though system said it was successfully send.
      My question is where does email went? or did it failed somewhere in the system?
      Could someone please point me in the right direction to look or setup debug somewhere to show this problem.
      Thanks in advance.

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      Some server does not support non SMPT emails. So configuring the email to SMTP might solve the issue. For that follow the below procedure.

      In candidats, open the config.php file.
      In config.php you will find a line with content “define(‘MAIL_MAILER’, 1) ”
      Change the value 1 to 3
      configure smtp email id , pasword in the smtp setting area.

      If the above procedure does not solve the issue, please let us know.

      With regards,
      Shobana S
      Auieo Software Pvt Ltd

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