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    Good day.
    After migration to Candidats 2.0 stable, the list of companies is not displayed for users without root access level privilege. A user can search for companies and the list is displayed. The link from other objects to company also work (ie clicking on link displays company). It looks like a permission problem but can’t find where it is located.
    – migration from version 1.3.5 -> 2.0 using the web installer + migrate.
    – run the “migrateextrafield.php”
    – imported the extrafield.sql result.
    – performed the postinstallation tasks in order to display the candidats, job order, contacts and companies tabs -> all is ok except for companies where the list is only displayed if the user has ‘root’ access level (even site administrator does not work)

    Could you please give me some hints to solve this problem. Thank you in advance. Br,

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    My apologise, the system is only displaying the records where the user connected is the owner.

    But using the search functionality shows all the records of an object.

    So, no action required.


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