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    • Thank you for supporting us. We are happy to announce that the CandidATS 2.1.0 RC expected to release on June 4th week.
    • CandidATS 2.1.0 need PHP 5.4 or greater.
    • This forum is for community to help each other. If your queries not answered, we will answer you.
    • In the next major release CandidATS 3.0.0, we will add CRM Functionality. We first start with Lead Management with Lead converting to Company and Contact. Please send your ideas to

    CandidATS Team
    Auieo Software Private Limited

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    Great, this is exiting, I just set up 2.1 beta.

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    We are really sorry! One day delay in release. We will release the CandidATS 2.1.0 RC today(1st July 2017).

    CandidATS Team
    Auieo Software Private Limited

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    Sorry again! Due to technical difficulty, we are postponing the CandidATS 2.1.0 RC release on 4th July 2017.

    CandidATS Team
    Auieo Software Private Limited

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    Now we are handling the timezone issue. We are postponing the release to 12th July 2017.

    CandidATS Team
    Auieo Software Private Limited

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    Dear community,

    Timezone issue resolved. Now CandidATS will support all country timezone. Final testing is going on. Thank you for the patience. Will release on 19th July 2017.

    CandidATS Team
    Auieo Software Private Limited

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    Is this ever actually getting released…

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    Hello Forum,

    I am exciting to start using CandidATS. Can you direct me to the download and instructions? I saw a patch download but there is no application there that I could see.

    Many thanks for your help.


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    Boris Gomez

    Hi to all
    I have just installed candidATS on my server
    I download the principal package and the pathch package too
    I just replaced the components of the patch package onto the principal package and installed
    It run just perfect
    Now I am learning how to use the software….
    Wish me luck

    Boris Gómez

    Boris Gómez
    IT Integrator

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    It is great to hear. Volunteer like you can help us to release the CandidATS regularly. I wish you success. Please proceed. I will send you the latest CandidATS code (CandidATS 2.1.0 Stable) to you for testing on or before 11th of this month.

    with regards,

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    Hi Boris Gómez,

    I sent you the latest CandidATS URL and credential in your email.

    with regards,

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