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    1) Language Support added
    2) Field Management
    Can make fields hidden or readonly from settings.
    3) Calculated Field
    Can create fields with values calculated from other fields
    4) Modification of Extra Field
    modification of extra field handling to improve the application execution speed
    5) knockout js framework implementation

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    Dear community,

    CandidATS 2.0.0 will be released tonight.

    A small change in the features of CandidATS 2.0.0 release. In this version the following new features will be added, due to the importance of it over what we specified early and due to implementation of Angularjs over Knockoutjs. This release will be alpha release.

    All the features mentioned previously, developed with Knockoutjs. But now we prefer Angularjs. So the above features will be converted to Angularjs and released in version 2.1.0

    Apart from the following new features, the efficiency of the application improved. Noted bugs cleared.

    Main improvement is in custom field handling. By this, the query to database is simplified and results in speed.

    The new features in CandidATS 2.0.0

    1) Profile
    2) Roles
    3) Group

    Now the module’s list, preview, edit and create can be accessed based on these. Four modules are covered. 1) candidates 2) companies 3) contacts 4) joborders

    A role has to be assigned to a user
    A role can have many profiles

    The user access to the application’s module’s actions are based on the profiles assigned to role, to which the user belongs.

    The record can be assigned to either user or group. The group can hold users and roles

    The user can see his/her group records or the his/her records.

    with regards,
    R. Tamil Amuthan
    Auieo Software Private Limited

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