How to install CandidATS?

Pl check the documentation( for a video on How to download and install CandidATS.

How can the text fields changed to drop down list?

Add the json formated(associative array) values in table auieo_fields->field_options and change the field uitype to=7 and do the changes in the template files.

Getting 404 error when I run migraateextrafield.php while installing CandidATS version Beta.

The migrateextrafield.php is needed only for migrating to CandidATS 2.0.0. The migrateextrafield.php in  only available in CandidATS version 2.0.0. For migrating to CandidATS 2.1.0 or future versions, you don’t need migrateextrafield.php.

Four tabs missing – Job order, Candidates, Company, Contacts when CandidATs is installed.

Pl check the documentation( for a video on How to download and install CandidATS.

Auieolog.log file is very big

The Auieolog.log will grow in size. It has to be removed regularly using CRON/Scheduler.

how do I give sharing access for the other modules

Click to view documentation for the usage of sharing access. A example also given in the documentation for adding sharing access to candidate module. The data item type of candidates module is 100 and that is used for adding sharing … Read More


All required PHP extensions not loaded

If you are using PHP 7 or more, upgrade to CandidATS 2.1.0 Beta2 or later. If you are using PHP < 7.0, check whether the mysql extension loaded.

PDO Error

PDO Query execution failed prematurely

Possible reasons Special characters in custom field. Special characters in database name

PDO errors says tables didn’t exsist when running installer

SQL Should not be executed directly on CandidATS database. Lot of supported tables and fields has to be updated. And the database has to be empty when running installer. And the INSTALL_BLOCK file in the root directory has to be deleted.