User & Access Control

Sharing Access

By default, the sharing access of the module is private in CandidATS 2.0.0. The owner only can see the records. Even admin cannot see other user’s records. If all has to see the records of a module, the sharing access … Read More


Steps to create profile Go to Settings->Administration Choose Manage Profiles Link Two Grid appear. Click the + icon. A popup appear. Add the profile name Right side grid, double click all the “No” and change it to yes. It will … Read More


Steps to create Role Go to Settings->Administration Click Manage Roles A Tree control appear on left and double list appear on right. Click the + icon in the existing role. A new role will appear under it Click the green button on the … Read More


User represent employee of your organization who perform the day-to-day activities using the CandidATS. There are two types of users. Administrator – Create new users and assign privileges to access modules..When adding a user you should select the role. Privileges of a user depends … Read More