Assigning Job Order to a Candidate

Steps for assigning Joborder to a candidate: (Adding Job Order) 1.Go to Job Orders Module 2.Click Add Job Order 3.Select “New Job Order” and Click “Ok” 4.Fill mandatory fields and Click “Add Job Order” (Adding Candidate) 5.Go to Candidate Module … Read More

Working of Activities Module

Displays Records of Events Actions which update Activity Module: 1.when a candidate is added to a job order 2.when assigned candidate status gets changed 3.when a candidate is logged an activity 4.when a candidate is scheduled an activity   Working: … Read More


Candidate is a person who applies for a post of employment. Creating a Candidate The Candidate details can be entered in the Candidate Module. Steps to create Candidate records manually In Candidate tab, click on Add Candidate link In the Create view, fill in the Joborder details Click Add Candidate Button … Read More


A joborder is a job opening available in a company Creating a Joborder The Joborder details can be entered in the Joborders Module. Steps to create Joborder records manually In Joborder tab, click on Add Joborder link A popup will appear You have the option of choosing either … Read More


Company has multiple contacts associated with it. Creating a Company The Company details can be entered in theCompany Module. Steps to create Company records manually In Company tab, click on AddCompany link In the Create view, fill in the Company details Click AddCompany Button Importing Contacts … Read More


Contact is a individual or person representing a company. Contacts represent the people, conducting business with you. Creating a Contact The Contact details can be entered in the  Contacts Module. Steps to create Contact records manually In Contacts tab, click on Add … Read More