CandidATS Documentation

Assigning Job Order to a Candidate

Steps for assigning Joborder to a candidate: (Adding Job Order) 1.Go to Job Orders Module 2.Click Add Job Order 3.Select “New Job Order” and Click “Ok” 4.Fill mandatory fields and Click “Add Job Order” (Adding Candidate) 5.Go to Candidate Module … Read More

Working of Activities Module

Displays Records of Events Actions which update Activity Module: 1.when a candidate is added to a job order 2.when assigned candidate status gets changed 3.when a candidate is logged an activity 4.when a candidate is scheduled an activity   Working: … Read More

Working of Email Settings

1.Go to “Settings” 2.Click “Administration” 3.Click “General Email Configuration” 4.Select any of the available checkbox 5.Click “Save” 6.Go to CANDIDATE module 7.Click a CANDIDATE RECORD which is assigned to a JOB ORDER 8.Click “Log an Activity / Change Status” at … Read More

After Installation

After Installation or Migration, 4 tabs will be hidden. you will not see the Candidates Tab, Job Orders Tab, Companies Tab and Contact Tab.

Sharing Access

By default, the sharing access of the module is private in CandidATS 2.0.0. The owner only can see the records. Even admin cannot see other user’s records. If all has to see the records of a module, the sharing access … Read More

EMail Composer

The Email composer are available in Candidate, Joborder and Contact modules. In the Joborder preview mode, the composer is available in candidate pipeline. In the candidate preview mode and contact preview mode, the composer is available in the EMail section … Read More

EMail Templates

The page is available in Settings->Administration->E-Mail Template Configuration. The email templates will be listed in the email composer. The email composer is available in each module. The template created in this page has to be attached with module. The created template … Read More

EMail Settings

The page is at Settings->Administration->General E-Mail Configuration. This  page has three sections. From address of outgoing email, Outgoing email testing and enable/disable automatic emails. From address of outgoing email This email address is used for the from address of outgoing emails. … Read More


Using PHPMyadmin Open the PHPMyadmin Import the sql file from backed up location Restore the attachment directory to CandidATS root directory Restore the upload directory to CandidATS root directory Using Mysql goto the path where mysql file stored run “mysql -u username -p password database_name < … Read More


Using PHPMyadmin Open the PHPMyadmin Export the database Copy the attachment directory to safer place Copy the upload directory to safer place Using Mysql goto the path where mysqldump stored run “mysqldump -u username -ppassword database_name > /path/to/backup/candidats.sql” Copy the … Read More


Steps to create profile Go to Settings->Administration Choose Manage Profiles Link Two Grid appear. Click the + icon. A popup appear. Add the profile name Right side grid, double click all the “No” and change it to yes. It will … Read More


Steps to create Role Go to Settings->Administration Click Manage Roles A Tree control appear on left and double list appear on right. Click the + icon in the existing role. A new role will appear under it Click the green button on the … Read More


User represent employee of your organization who perform the day-to-day activities using the CandidATS. There are two types of users. Administrator – Create new users and assign privileges to access modules..When adding a user you should select the role. Privileges of a user depends … Read More


Candidate is a person who applies for a post of employment. Creating a Candidate The Candidate details can be entered in the Candidate Module. Steps to create Candidate records manually In Candidate tab, click on Add Candidate link In the Create view, fill in the Joborder details Click Add Candidate Button … Read More


A joborder is a job opening available in a company Creating a Joborder The Joborder details can be entered in the Joborders Module. Steps to create Joborder records manually In Joborder tab, click on Add Joborder link A popup will appear You have the option of choosing either … Read More


Company has multiple contacts associated with it. Creating a Company The Company details can be entered in theCompany Module. Steps to create Company records manually In Company tab, click on AddCompany link In the Create view, fill in the Company details Click AddCompany Button Importing Contacts … Read More


Contact is a individual or person representing a company. Contacts represent the people, conducting business with you. Creating a Contact The Contact details can be entered in the  Contacts Module. Steps to create Contact records manually In Contacts tab, click on Add … Read More


Description CandidATS is a leading free open source applicant tracking system. Demo: Forum: Need php >= 5.4 Installation 1) Upload the CandidATS files to the server root or to any directory under the server root. And create a … Read More