EMail System

Working of Email Settings

1.Go to “Settings” 2.Click “Administration” 3.Click “General Email Configuration” 4.Select any of the available checkbox 5.Click “Save” 6.Go to CANDIDATE module 7.Click a CANDIDATE RECORD which is assigned to a JOB ORDER 8.Click “Log an Activity / Change Status” at … Read More

EMail Composer

The Email composer are available in Candidate, Joborder and Contact modules. In the Joborder preview mode, the composer is available in candidate pipeline. In the candidate preview mode and contact preview mode, the composer is available in the EMail section … Read More

EMail Templates

The page is available in Settings->Administration->E-Mail Template Configuration. The email templates will be listed in the email composer. The email composer is available in each module. The template created in this page has to be attached with module. The created template … Read More

EMail Settings

The page is at Settings->Administration->General E-Mail Configuration. This  page has three sections. From address of outgoing email, Outgoing email testing and enable/disable automatic emails. From address of outgoing email This email address is used for the from address of outgoing emails. … Read More