Candidate is a person who applies for a post of employment.

Creating a Candidate

The Candidate details can be entered in the Candidate Module.

Steps to create Candidate records manually

  1. In Candidate tab, click on Add Candidate link
  2. In the Create view, fill in the Joborder details
  3. Click Add Candidate Button

Importing Candidates

CandidATS supports importing Candidates from .csv files. It saves lots of time and efforts to import thousands of records instantly.

Steps to import Candidates

  1. In Settings tab, click on Administration link
  2. In the Administration screen, click the Data Import link
  3. Click Candidate radio button and click Next
  4. Choose the CSV file and click Next
  5. The import screen will have 3 sections
    1. Warning! – Shows the precausion needed while importing
    2. Import Data – shows the import file format and the module name
    3. Map Data – you can take decision while importing contacts
      1. The list of fields from CSV and corresponding Candidate module fields mapped each other. You have the option of changing the fields. You can choose not to import any specific field. And you have the option of creating a specific field as extra field
    4. Click Next – Import Data Button