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Generic RU 486 is the best abortion pill used medicine in the USA to terminate an early pregnancy. Order ru486 pill online at low cost, learn its procedure, and perform your abortion safely at home.

Abortion Pill Working
Generic RU486 pill breaks the uterine endometrial lining, which is the medium to support fetus and its life. When the lining thins, the unborn detaches, and pregnancy parts are ready to be ousted from the uterus. Due to anti-progesterone behavior of the Generic RU486 abortion pill, the pregnancy stops growing and cervix dilates. With introduction of Cytolog (Misoprostol) tablets, the pregnancy contents are forced to exit the vagina.

Dosing Indications
Start with oral consumption of Generic RU486 200mg. Take 1 tablet with water. Be sure to not crush powder or chew the medicine. Do not smoke, take alcohol, or choose interacting drugs and grapefruit juice. Later to 24 or 48 hours, continue with buccal [cheek pouches] administration of 4 Misoprostol tablets.

Temporary Side Effects
Few side effects of Generic RU486 pill are dizziness, tiredness, abdomen pain, headache, vomiting, nausea and diarrhea. When the pregnancy nears the end, these symptoms will naturally fade out. If any of these persist and give trouble, contact a healthcare provider.

Important Information
The findings from a research led by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development depict that abortion pills are not threatening to future pregnancies. The medications are completely safe, thus females buy Generic RU486 online. The drug neither increases risks to preterm birth, lower birth weight in newborn, miscarriage, and tubal pregnancy, nor affects woman’s health in any negative way. The Generic RU486 cost from internet pharmacy is always lower than other sources, so mostly women can buy Generic RU486 online from us.

Pregnancy Test after Abortion
The signs of a complete pregnancy ending are: fading of side effects and intended outcomes. The person may need a blood test, or physical exam (ultrasound) to confirm if the tablets worked to remove pregnancy parts from uterus or not. The examination must be done 14 to 16 days after intake of Generic RU486 pills.

Generic RU486 Precautions/Warnings
Incase the medicine does not terminate pregnancy, get it ended with surgery. However, such fallout is rare, as Generic RU486 has 98% efficacy when taken along with prostaglandin medicines. Here are some precautions to be observed during the medical regimen.

Patients suffering from asthma, anemia, bleeding problems, heart disease, diabetes, are not recommended to buy Generic RU486 online.
Heavy smokers, allergic to Generic RU486, ectopic pregnant, adrenal gland disorder, alcoholics, and HIV patients are advised against medical end to pregnancy.
Stop physical workout, breastfeeding, sports during the procedure. Talk to a friend or close one in case of any strong feelings. The female can approach a doctor or buy Generic RU486 online.


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