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The abortion pill, also known as Generic RU486 has been widely and safely used in the United States for many years. It is also approved by the FDA for women who are up to 9 weeks pregnant i.e up to 63 days after your last menstrual cycle.

What is GENERIC RU 486?
The abortion pill, also recognized as Generic RU486 has been widely known for termination of an undesired or unplanned pregnancy which is in its early stage gestation. This pill is approved by the FDA as an alternative to surgical abortion. The brand name of this abortion pill is Mifeprex. So if you want to terminate unplanned pregnancy without opting for surgery then you can opt for medical abortion in the early gestation stage i.e 9 weeks or less.

How to take the abortion pill?
If you prefer to use abortion pills then you should follow the following easy steps:

First, you are required to take the Generic RU486 (Mifepristone) at your medical expert’s clinic under the guidance of a medical specialist.
After taking the RU486 you have to wait for the next 24 to 48 hours and then you have to take the second pill called Misoprostol. Make sure that your medical practitioner guides you on how and when to take the second pill.
The Misoprostol pill can be taken either buccally or vaginally. If you are taking the pill buccally then you have to keep 4 pills of Misoprostol below your tongue or 2 pills each on both the side of your cheek pouches for half an hour. Do not eat drink anything in this half-hour. And if you are taking the pill vaginally then you have to insert 4 pills into your vaginal area.
After taking both pills as prescribed you may notice severe contractions and vaginal bleeding may start within 2 hours to 24 hours.
After 2 weeks you need to go for a follow-up checkup with your medicinal practitioner. This is very important because your medicinal practitioner will confirm whether the pregnancy has ended and the abortion pill has operated successfully. Your medicinal practitioner will suggest an ultrasound test or blood pregnancy test to make sure that your abortion has completed and you are no more pregnant.

How does the abortion pill works?
RU486 hinders the progesterone receptors in the body (the hormone that is vital for building the uterine lining and develop the fetus). So RU486 generally causes the lining of the fetus to break so that your pregnancy can no longer survive as the egg will have nothing to keep it attached. After that, the Misoprostol will lead to uterine cramps and this will allow the uterus to get cleared.

Who can use abortion pills?
The abortion pills are approved by the FDA for women who are up to 9 weeks pregnant i.e up to 63 days after your last menstrual cycle. However, some healthcare advisors will recommend medical abortion for women who are more than 9 weeks pregnant, using Generic RU486 for women who are more than 9 weeks pregnant is a little risky and it may not complete the abortion.

What are the side effects of Generic RU486?
You should be ready as you may observe some common side effects after 2 hours to 24 hours following the consumption of the abortion pills. The side effects include:

Heavy bleeding (you may observe big clots of blood but you do not need to worry as it is the process of passing the pregnancy out)
Chills or mild fever
Stomach pain
Diarrhea or vomiting
Cramping, etc
These are some common side effects which a woman can experience after taking the abortion pill.

What is the period and efficacy of abortion pills?
Within 4 to 5 hours after administering the RU486, half of the pregnancy is terminated. For others, it may take some more time but the abortion gets completed within 2-3 days or more. RU486 helps to abort the pregnancy without involving any surgery. The medical abortion with abortion pills is 90% to 98% effective when taken along with Misoprostol and when only Mifepristone is used alone, it is nearly 70% to 80% effective. So it is recommended to take both the abortion pills to terminate a pregnancy in early-stage to stay away from complications.

What are the advantages of the pill?
Advantage of medical abortion includes

It can be used to terminate early-stage pregnancy
Less painful and intrusive to the body as compared to surgical abortion
Some women feel like natural abortion as it is very similar to a natural miscarriage
Extremely cost-effective as compared to surgical abortion.

What is the disadvantage of medical abortion?
Some are potentially against this method since implantation and conception have already taken place.
Medical abortion may not be a good option for women who have kidney, anemia, liver problems, diabetes, or those women who are overweight.
This method requires 2-3 visits to the medical practitioner and there is still a chance that it may end a pregnancy
If the medical abortion fails to end your pregnancy, there are likely chances of birth defects.

Some other considerations you need to take care of while taking abortion pills
1- You can become pregnant again even after using the pregnancy termination pills, so for avoiding this problem use backup contraception.

2- It is common to have some bleeding or spotting for 3-4 weeks after the abortion procedure. For the first week, you should use sanitary pads do not use tampons or menstrual cups or have sex for 1-2 weeks after your abortion.

3- The bleeding from the abortion will make the start for a new menstrual period. This indicates that your normal menstruation should take place in 4-8 weeks.

4- It is very important to know the difference between the abortion pill and the morning-after pill. Both are different.

5- Women may experience numerous feelings and mood swings after a medical abortion as they may experience sudden changes in the hormone levels and may become more emotional. It some cases women feel more relief after their abortion.

6- Women should go for a follow-up check-up after 15 days to confirm that the abortion has ended and there is no pregnancy left in the uterus.

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